We are YOUR Rock Solid Custom Builder!

“By the work one knows the workman.”     —–Jean de La Fontaine

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Rocky is detailed in everything he builds doing so with integrity, energy, hard work & creative design.  Because he believes in providing exceptional customer service he is available both during and after the completion of a job. His workmanship is second to none. He works closely with his team to adhere to budgets and deadlines and deliver a job well done.

 Rocky Doan II is a North Carolina Licensed General Contractor with over 11 years of hands on experience in all areas of the home building & remodeling process. With an attention to detail like no other, Rocky puts his creative passion into everything he does – pushing the envelope in order to accomplish amazing results for our clients. With his flexibility and talent of making the best of every situation he keeps projects on track even during hectic times and knows how to “make it happen” even when the inevitable obstacles and changes pop up along the way. He is committed to ensuring that every detail of a home is constructed with the quality and efficiency that Rock Solid demands.

Rocky believes in the power of doing for a living what you love. He knows from personal experience that when people truly love what they are doing, they do great work as a result. With this in mind Rocky carefully selected each member of the Rock Solid team, placing each one in their best suited position. Rocky has excellent relationships with his subcontractors, most of whom have been on our team for several years. Rocky takes time to communicate, guide and encourage people in a way that creates an environment where everyone thrives and delivers outstanding work of the highest quality.

IMG_0955Rocky is a devoted husband to his wife Melanie and a loving father to his 4-year-old son. When Rocky isn’t busy turning clients’ dreams into reality you can find him outdoors taking care of his vegetable garden, camping, fishing or traveling. Since building is his passion you may also find him donating his time and resources by constructing wheelchair ramps or installing fences/dog houses at animal shelters throughout Brunswick County.


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